Anders_croppedUpdate: The Hansen lab is opening at MIT BE. Please see our new website: https://www.ashansenlab.com

My name is Anders Sejr Hansen and I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at UC Berkeley working with Robert Tjian and Xavier Darzacq. My main research focus is on the dynamics of nuclear organization. In particular, I use super-resolution and single-molecule imaging approaches in live mammalian cells to attempt to understand how CTCF and cohesin organize the genome into chromatin loops.

Before starting in Berkeley in the summer of 2015, I did my PhD in the Chemistry Department at Harvard University (2010-2015). At Harvard, I worked in Erin O’Shea’s lab in the FAS Center for Systems Biology on understanding how cells can encode information in the activation dynamics of transcription factors and how promoters can decode this information. In Erin’s lab I learned molecular biology and also systems approaches and my work relied heavily on mathematical modeling and microfluidics.

Before Harvard, I did my undergraduate studies and Master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Oxford (2006-2010). During summer projects with Steve Davies (2007), Chris Schofield (2008), and Stuart Schreiber & Damian Young (2009), I worked on various problems in synthetic organic chemistry ranging from drug synthesis to vinylsilane-mediated stereocontrol in macrocyclic ring-closing metathesis. I did my Master’s project with Chris Schofield at Oxford, where I mainly worked on developing synthetic strategies for incorporating 5-hydroxymethylcytosine into DNA and biophysical studies.

My recent CV can be found here.


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